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Thought for the weekend: Good must triumph over evil

By Canon Walter Lewis

We enjoy the beauty of springtime - new life, yellow daffodils, buds on the trees, people getting out for walks, city people going to their mobile homes, thoughts turning towards the warmth of summer.

Part of the beauty of springtime is also the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead. Jesus was crucified and died on Good Friday; and was raised from death to life on Easter Sunday. There are some beautiful scenes of the Resurrection in the New Testament. For example, on Easter Sunday afternoon, the disciples were gathered together in the Upper Room in Jerusalem.

There, Jesus suddenly appeared to them, and spoke to them, and showed them the marks of the nails in his hands and the wound in his side. He also asked them for food: they gave him some broiled fish, which he took and ate. Then, there is the beautiful story of two of Jesus' disciples, on that same afternoon, walking from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus, seven miles away.

They were absorbed in deep conversation about the death of Jesus. As they walked along, Jesus joined them, but they did not recognise him. As they neared Emmaus, it was the stranger's intention to go further. But they prevailed upon him and, in the village, he joined them for supper. At table with them, "he took bread, broke it and gave it to them". Then their eyes were opened and they recognised Jesus.

As we celebrate the glorious resurrection of Jesus, we are aware that terrible and cruel things are happening in our world - inflicted by misguided people in the name of religion. The huge majority of people of all religions, and none, condemn this barbarity, for which there is no justification. Following the teaching of Jesus, we should pray that Isis will stop its godless and deplorable crimes against humanity.

Also, following the teaching of Jesus, we must insist that all governments will take seriously their God-given obligations to protect all human life against such unspeakable outrages.

This Easter Season, we bless God for his many gifts - especially the Resurrection of Jesus; and for the promise of new life to all who believe.

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We also recognise that mindless and ruthless evil is contrary to the will of a loving God. And we expose its empty and deluded promises.

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