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UK facing big call over Syria crisis

By Sammy Wilson

It was inevitable that proceedings in the House of Commons last week would be dominated by the terrible events in Paris and the role played by Isil murderers from their bases in Syria. The debates centred around what actions are being taken to ensure that similar atrocities are prevented in the UK and how we can deny Isil the territory which they hold in Syria.

The Home Secretary gave the frightening statistic that over 350 graduates from Isil's training programme had returned to the UK. Each one a potential threat to our security.

Of course, we can always rely on the spokespersons of the loony left to find excuses for every bunch of terrorists and the new leader of the Labour party did not disappoint.

The bloodshed in Paris was a result of foreign policies followed by the nations of the West in the Middle East. He would be uneasy about the police using lethal force against gangs of bombers and gunmen if they launched attacks in the UK. The beheader of Isil hostages should have been arrested instead of blown up by a missile.

Yes, he did condemn what happened in Paris and said that there can be no justification for killing innocent civilians. At least he has come on from the days when he and his leftist friends supported republicans.

Even his own party seemed appalled at the indefensible stance he has adopted on how we deal with fanatical Muslim terrorism.

In scenes I have never witnessed in Westminster, one after another of his backbench MPs rose to condemn his views. It was like a scene out of Julius Caesar, except there were a whole battalion of Brutuses lining up to stick the dagger in.

The disarray within the Labour party and the increasing spread of Isil terrorism has prompted a review of the role the UK should play in driving them from their strongholds in Syria and what involvement would mean in practical terms.

We cannot ignore Syria. The influx of refugees from the conflict and the spread of terrorism emanating from that country has brought the impact of the conflict to our own door. The question the House of Commons will have to make a judgment on is, will further UK involvement make the situation worse or better?

  • Sammy Wilson is MP for East Antrim

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