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Ukip shows true colours and exposes its dark side

By Grace Dent

Three neglected kids finding stability with foster carers, then being removed and cast to choppy, emotional seas again due to their foster carers being Ukip supporters.

Ukip then experiencing genuine warmth from the public, rather than the typical stifled smirks. Who knew we could feel warm and fuzzy about poor Ukip?

Until now, Ukip to many people meant 'that Nigel Wotsit bloke'. Him who looks like a ruddy-cheeked Rotary Club treasurer.

Personally, I always imagine Ukip is where lacklustre former BNP supporters seep once reaching that certain age where marching about loses its appeal in favour of a lovely plate of HobNobs. "Fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists", as Cameron described them in 2006. Farage has never forgiven, or forgotten, this swipe.

In truth, the foster carer story was the best darned thing that ever happened to Farage's crew. (I'm not suggesting anyone would enjoy a child suffering for political gain, of course.)

And now here was a big spotlight on two seemingly delightful Ukip-supporting philanthropic types who give their lives to providing love to those care-worn kids that other people have let down.

These caring Ukip people are probably better people than me and you. As Saint Heather of Smallicus said: "What have you done today, to make you feel proud?"

"They're only Ukip," many people possibly thought. "Harmless sorts who want us to be our own little island with the right to eat wonky cucumbers, or chuck out hook-handed clerics when they begin to get on our wick."

But by Monday, as mumblings of a Tory/Ukip pact began to gain momentum, it's been fun to see the wheels come off the Ukip battlebus again. Not that they'd have a bus, more a Volvo estate.

Farage, who claims not to be a "career politician", just someone who "tells the truth", immediately took to Twitter to announce: "No pact: this is war."

Brilliant thinking, Nige. This is precisely whom we want near real power, someone who logs on to Twitter declaring "war" at the first hint of an olive branch.

I've had a think, Nigel, and I'd prefer a "career politician" as in "someone who can hold down a job as one".

Within 24 hours, Farage's next strong PR move was suggesting Cameron be ousted. "If Cameron went and somebody pragmatic, grown up and sensible like Michael Gove was leader, you might think then we could sit around the table and have a proper discussion."

Nigel you need to let it go about Cameron's fruitcake gag. He made it in 2006. Elton John lets feuds drop quicker than you do.

And now, with the full media spotlight on Ukip who, as you remember, whatever their politics, just want the best for children, welcome Winston McKenzie, Ukip culture spokesman, who said this week that placing children with gay or lesbian couples is "child abuse".

Winston doesn't sound like much of a career politician, either. Wait till he finds out there are homosexuals involved with 'culture', too. He'll be bloody livid.


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