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What were they thinking when they put this Northern Ireland strip together?

By Steven Beacom

The Irish FA are quite rightly thinking all things France at the moment.

Why wouldn't they? After all, next year the magnificent Michael O'Neill and his brilliant players will fly over to the land of the Eiffel Tower to compete in the Euro 2016 finals where the eyes of the world will be on the Northern Ireland football team.

I can't help thinking, though, that with the side's new football strip, unveiled yesterday, they have gone too far with the whole French thing, because it looks like one of those ludicrous outfits modelled on the catwalk at Paris fashion week that nobody would ever think of wearing in public!

What were Adidas and the IFA thinking when they put together this strip?

Steven Davis, Kyle Lafferty and the boys delivered on the pitch to qualify, but the IFA have scored an embarrassing own goal off it with the design.

Apparently it is supposed to be a tribute to the Northern Ireland teams of the 80s who qualified for World Cups.

Funny, I can't remember a needless navy strip across the chest of Gerry Armstrong and Billy Hamilton when they scored famous goals in Spain.

No wonder the fans are outraged. They wanted to go to France and wear their colours with pride, but not in a top like this... which by the way costs £55. Note for IFA: it's the Green and White Army... not the Green and White and Navy army. GAWA not GAWANA.

On the bright side, thankfully the players have shown they can shine in whatever kit they wear...

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