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Rev Gareth Burke: Put your faith and trust in the voice of Jesus


Wise words: the voice of the dashboard, like Jesus, can be enlightening

Wise words: the voice of the dashboard, like Jesus, can be enlightening

Wise words: the voice of the dashboard, like Jesus, can be enlightening

Me and my new friend are not getting on well. She doesn't seem to understand my accent, she just keeps saying the same things over and over again and, to my shame, I have on a number of occasions ended up shouting loudly at her.

Who is she? I don't her name. In fact, I know very little about her. I have never seen her - just heard her voice.

She's the lady who informs me when I am driving that: "You have received a text." And she wants to know: "Would you like me to read it?" She is the voice from the dashboard and to be honest, I wish we had never met.

In the Bible we read about a voice that spoke unexpectedly to some of the followers of Jesus.

They heard a voice but saw no one. This was not a voice to joke about as it was the voice of God. Jesus had gone up a mountain with three of his close companions - Peter, James and John.

When up the mountain Jesus had begun to shine with great brightness. For a brief time the privileged disciples saw Jesus in his divine glory and majesty. Remarkably, Moses and Elijah, who had gone to heaven years before, joined with them on the mountain and were speaking to Jesus.

Now Peter, James and John were frightened and confused by all of this and this sense of fear was heightened when God spoke to them from heaven. God, whom they could not see said: "This is my Son, whom I love, listen to him."

Now, that was a day they didn't forget. But what was the point of it all. Why did they have an experience like that? Peter tells us that they were given a foretaste - a little glimpse - of what things are going to be like on the day when Jesus returns.

On that day Jesus will come in such a way that everyone is going to see him and he will shine with divine glory. It's a day that's coming and a day we need to get ready for.

Well, you might say - how can I get ready to meet with Jesus? You can. By turning from your sin and trusting in him by faith.

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