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Richard Littlejohn thinks suicides in Chinese factories are hilarious

By Johann Hari

Remember the horrific story about the suicides and mass deaths in Chinese factories where they are manufacturing stuff for us that I wrote about last week? Well, Richard Littlejohn thinks they’re hilarious. (You have to scroll to the end.) Really. He uses a football chant to describe young men and women hurling themselves to their deaths only to be caught by suicide nets: “Back of the net!”

He also argues that the safety record in Chinese factories is much preferable to the “‘Elf N Safety” in British factories. We are talking about a system where 600,000 people are worked to death every year, and 33,000 fingers are severed every day, Yes: if only we got rid of the Elf N Safety Nazis here, British people could experience such freedom and liberation.

I assume, however, that Littlejohn wouldn’t want to actually apply these standards to white people. I’ve pointed out the ways in which he is bigoted before. No doubt he would concede that white British people having their bodies broken, or killing themselves to escape that fate, was tragic. But when it comes to people in Asia, it’s a hilarious punchline.

Imagine viewing such unbelievable human suffering, to manufacture your consumer goods, and laughing. Pity Richard Littlejohn: he is a diseased and damaged man.

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