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Sammy Brush in his own words: We’ve had 20 years of this abuse with not one conviction


Ex-UDR man Sammy Brush

Ex-UDR man Sammy Brush

Ex-UDR man Sammy Brush

On Sunday morning at 5am I heard noises and and I thought it was cars doors slamming. It was that sort of sound.

I looked out but I couldn’t see anything, until I got up at 7am.

The glass panel on the front door, which goes the whole length of the door, was smashed.

I live with my wife Olive (83) in a terraced house in Ballygawley. You could do without this.

I have been woken several times during the night with these things.

On Sunday night I was thinking of the car, because in the past it has been damaged.

The mirror was broken off in August outside the house.

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Before that, both mirrors were broken off the car and the windscreen was smashed. There were dents in the panel of the rear boot door. That was a major thing. The car had to be resprayed. And I had a replacement mirror broken off last year or the year before.

The shed at the house was burned down three years ago.

They set alight to an oil tank in the shed. But the car has been the easy target.

This all dates back 20 years. Nobody has been convicted at all.

This is the annoying thing, that somebody knows who’s doing this but the community are prepared to cover up for them.

We know that we are basically a target at any time and that there’s a lot of hatred directed toward you — and that’s what we have to live with.

But these people are full of hate. I would rather be the victim of them than be them, that’s telling you the truth.

It’s (incidents such as Sunday morning) almost become normal life to me.

The morning we get up and find nothing done we are sort of thankful. My wife’s very annoyed about it. Any time I’m away at meetings, it’s very worrying for her.

I would hope that this isn’t going to happen again, but I’m not confident it won’t.

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