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Thought for the weekend: Building on Jesus

By Rev Gareth Burke

Driving along the Upper Newtownards Road in Belfast in recent weeks has become something of an emotional rollercoaster for me. Knock Evangelical Presbyterian Church, where I had the privilege of ministering for 11 years, has been demolished and is in the process of being rebuilt.

Now, I know that the Church is not a building. I have often, over the years, sought to wipe out the notion that the Church can be defined by bricks and mortar. However, it's amazing how you can get bound up in your emotions with a physical building and feel an intense sense of sadness when it is levelled. Indeed, I'm happy to know that one of my friends has salvaged a brick for me as a reminder of the old building.

My angst was somewhat heightened by the fact that a new building did not seem to be emerging form the rubble.

But this week a steel frame has appeared and a new structure is rising on the site. Indeed I was foolish to be so impatient. There's no point in erecting a new building until you have your foundations sorted out. Foundations are key. Time must be spent making sure that whatever is erected is built upon a solid base.

Jesus tells us that it's the same with our lives. At the end of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7:24-29) he tells the striking story of two men who were both involved in building projects. One decided to erect his new house on a foundation of sand while the other chose rock as the base for his new place. Of course the inevitable happened.

When the storms came the house built upon the sand fell down while the house on the rock stood firm. Jesus advises us to build our lives on him and on his word.

He's our rock, our strong foundation, who will support us when we are battered by the storms of life. So the key question is – is Jesus the foundation of my life? Am I building my life on him and his word? The answer is 'yes' if I have come to him in repentance and faith and have trusted in him for salvation.

Then I can be sure that although the storms will come he will be there to help me to stand.

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