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Tony Blair donation: ‘Upon reflection, this is exactly what he should do’

By Roger Bacon, Son Matthew killed in Iraq

I was speechless at first. I suppose when you get that sort of news about a man who you dislike so intensely because of what he has done and then suddenly you hear that he is going to donate the money, you wonder what is going on.

But I took a moment to reflect and think rationally about it. And upon reflection it is exactly what he should do. He should not keep a penny of that money and it is quite right it should go to a service charity.

I still hold him to account for Iraq. I was in the Chilcot inquiry when he was asked whether he had any regrets and it made me very angry, along with the other families, that he just couldn't say sorry.

One does think that it is the effect, one hopes, of a guilty conscience at work.

But at least that would say he had a conscience and he is thinking about the consequences of what he decided to do and that is why he is donating the money.

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