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Trending with rage at my Frankie comments

By Mairia Cahill

Don't poke fun at or criticise a comedian, whatever you do, or you will incur the wrath of the Twitter Brigade.

I spent Saturday dealing with a deluge of reaction from the incensed, the vile, and the downright outraged.

Here's one of the nicer comments. Self-described "Community Worker and republican activist" Terry Quinn had this to say on Twitter: "So Mairia Cahill is now a comedy critic to add to her ever growing portfolio. Hard up for a front page story.. eh?" (I didn't write the front page). The coverage in the Belfast Telegraph proved its nose for the news a million times over, being one of the most commented on topics for weeks. They gave a vehicle for parents of children with Down's to take on the powerful in their community, when they felt their valid points were not being listened to.

Here's another from @RayWhelan1 "..if I was raped I probably wouldn't pay to see a comedian who tells 'rape jokes' and moan when he did", or his earlier tweet "so your (sic) a comedy correspondent now? Specifically reviewing "Comrape", or "rapedy"?

That, generally, was the level of intellect of the rest of the offended brigade, who were up in arms about my writing that Boyle told offensive jokes. Confused? Me also.

What the comments show is that, ironically, the same people who criticised me for having the audacity to opine, the same people who were outraged by Pastor McConnell, are the very same who champion Frankie Boyle telling jokes about rape, suicide and disability.

There are people who like Boyle and people who don't. I didn't like him, for good reason, and I wrote about it.

There were many supportive comments also, which implies that the majority of people rightly have a problem with mocking the marginalised.

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