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Viewpoint: A life or death decision

Screening for cancer works. No ifs, buts or maybes - screening actually saves lives.

That is why the Belfast Telegraph is supporting Cancer Research UK's campaign to boost screening across the province.

We support the call to screen 80,000 more people for the disease locally and at the same time to ensure that the main existing screening programmes - for breast and cervical cancers - are as effective as they can be.

Everyone, including healthcare professionals, politicians and the media, should join the chorus of voices in making the case to the public to become involved in screening initiatives. The story of Enid Davidson, told in this newspaper today, should inspire anyone who thinks cancer screening isn't relevant to them.

Enid received a letter for a 9am appointment one day in December 2003. As she already had a 10am tanning appointment, she wasn't going to bother going for the mammogram.

Something, however, made her change her mind. Despite having no symptoms like a lump or tenderness, breast cancer was found by the experts who examined her mammogram. The decision to choose cancer screening over a tan saved Enid's life.

If every woman was to support the new campaign and pledge to attend their screening appointments, even more lives could be saved.

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