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Viewpoint: A Ring of confidence

The events behind it happened on a lonely stretch of Cavehill, back in June 1944. Now, 63 years later, the love story has been brought alive in a Hollywood movie set in Belfast and North Carolina.

Tonight, a host of stars are in Belfast for the world premiere of Closing the Ring at the Waterfront Hall.

The £14.2m film, directed by the movie legend Lord Richard Attenborough, tells the story of a ring found on the hill overlooking Belfast half a century after an American B-17 bomber crashes there with the loss of all the crew.

Spanning both the Atlantic and more than five decades, it emerges that the dying wish of the gunner was that the ring be returned to his love in America.

Fair enough, the movie is not, by Hollywood standards, a major blockbuster. And so what if one or two of the stars are a little, well, testy with the locals at times.

However, by all accounts it is a fine film, on a subject that resonates with cinema-goers - a great tale of human emotion.

It also generated an estimated £2.4m for our economy and will, hopefully, further establish Northern Ireland as a promising motion picture location.

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