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Viewpoint: BAA humbug, really!

The prospect of another transport strike at this time of year is enough to crack even the cheeriest of Christmas smiles.

Unite, the newly-merged super union, and two other unions announced today that 5,000 members employed by British Airports Authority have voted to go on strike.

Up to three million Britons are due to fly over the holiday period, so the strike could have major implications as people return to wor,k

BAA runs seven airports in the UK. Thankfully for Northern Ireland travellers, neither Belfast City, Belfast International nor City of Derry airports will be directly affected by any strike action.

However, BAA airports include Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Glasgow and Edinburgh, so the potential for disruption for Northern Ireland travellers travelling to, or connecting through, these airports is considerable.

Thankfully, the strikes are not at the peak Christmas period, but they still have the potential to cause hardship as the holiday season comes to an end not least for skiers, returning students and long-haul passengers particularly if they use Heathrow.

Hopefully, the airport authorities will do all in their power to minimise delays, particularly any knock-on effects for passengers travelling to airports that are not owned by BAA.

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