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Viewpoint: Diana death still shocks

Even after the passing of so many years, the last pictures of Diana, Princess of Wales and the events that killed her have not lost their power to shock.

Images of the mangled Mercedes lying forlornly in that infamous Parisian underpass remain incredibly powerful.

Around the car are the 999 crews and a doctor who arrived to assist. Standing in the background are the paparazzi photographers who have been blamed, at least in part, for hounding her to her death.

Particularly poignant is the 'last picture' of Diana and her fellow passengers, snatched by one of the paparazzi gang.

The Princess is visible in the rear seat, peering out at the scrum of photographers and wide-eyed passers-by. Dodi Fayed is hunched beside her, while their bodyguard and driver appear startled in the front seats.

The coroner, Lord Justice Scott Baker, has a mammoth task ahead of him to untangle the mass of forensic evidence, opinion, speculation and, it has to be acknowledged, conspiracy theories about Diana's life and death.

Former police chief Lord Stevens' report that Diana died in a tragic accident in a car driven by a drunk driver will doubtless come under fresh scrutiny.

This is one saga that will remain in the headlines for a long time yet.

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