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Viewpoint: Get it right, you tubes!

Once again, internet website You Tube has been asked to clean up its act, after the publication of more controversial images.

This time dramatic footage includes clips of masked IRA and UDA terrorists, as well as rioters in Belfast attacking police.

Some of the images show IRA men preparing to shoot down an Army helicopter, in the early 1990s.

You Tube takes millions of hits world-wide every day, so the people who run this website must realise the harm they are doing to the image of this country.

Quite apart from the fact that much of this controversial footage is years out of date.

Northern Ireland is slowly emerging from decades of conflict, but this type of offensive material can only harm that process and prolong the time it takes for this community to heal its wounds.

Alliance leader, David Ford is pressing You Tube to remove what he rightly describes as 'offensive' material.

The internet is one of the wonders of the modern age, but with the awesome power to influence attitudes world-wide comes responsibility.

This is a classic case where that responsibility should be exercised -- immediately.

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