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Viewpoint: Giving back to Santa

The annual Black Santa Christmas sit-out begins at St Anne's Cathedral next week.

Dean Houston McKelvey and fellow clergy will spend the days leading up to Christmas appealing for donations from the public, in support of a number of charities.

The people of Northern Ireland have a reputation for giving generously to those in our society in need of financial assistance.

So, the Dean and his colleagues are praying that 2007 will be no different - in terms of giving generously - from other years, except that we will donate even more to worthy causes.

Christmas in Belfast would not be quite the same without the Black Santa, and many hundreds of thousands of pounds have been collected down the years.

In the coming days, Belfast and other towns and cities will be packed with shoppers spending their hard-earned cash on presents.

The Black Santa vigil is an annual reminder of the other side of the festive season.

The fact is that individuals and voluntary organisations need our assistance in order, in some cases, to survive.

So, dig deep and give generously - someone, somewhere needs your help.

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