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Viewpoint: Stopping the carnage

Sixmore lives were lost on our roads this weekend. That the deaths all occurred within a 16-hour period merely underlines the shock at such human tragedy.

The age ranges, too, serve to illustrate the nature of the carnage on our roads. A 17-year-old up and coming GAA star and a 19 year-old student. A 45-year-old dad, a woman aged 48, and a mother and daughter who died in the same car together. Five families are now left to grieve in the run-up to Christmas.

Important work has been done by the Government, police and other agencies to bring down the annual death toll on our roads. So far this year, it stands at 97, compared to a total for last year of 113. It must be hoped that December will not see the figure climb any higher.

One name that appears with chilling regularity in reports of road deaths is the Frosses Road, part of the main highway between Belfast and Coleraine, where two of the weekend victims died.

There are plans to introduce changes to make this notorious stretch safer. In the light of the latest tragedy, these changes should be brought forward, and they should be made more radical.

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