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Viewpoint: Testing time for teens

Today is D-Day for tens of thousands of Northern Ireland teenagers and their families.

The A-Level results are out - along with them the results of their lesser spotted cousins, the AS Levels.

Finally, the waiting is over, the nails can begin to re-grow and they can relax and enjoy the rest of their summer.

There were 30,815 exams to mark in the Province this summer, compared to just over 31,200 in summer 2006 - statistics that further highlight the falling numbers of students at our schools.

A-Level students across the Province will by now know their fate - and the exciting process of choosing a career or a new academic path can begin. Parents, too, are in the spotlight as their reaction to either good or not-so-good results is critical to a young person's development.

If a child does well, positive reinforcement and praise is important. If the teenager does not do well, he or she will understandably be upset and will need proper emotional comfort and practical advice.

The CCEA's special hotline (02890 261260) for students and parents is a valuable tool. Whatever the results, though, everyone who sat an exam should be congratulated today for their hard work.


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