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Viewpoint: What, in heaven's name!

A Church of Ireland minister, whose church was targeted by young vandals, has every right this morning to feel angry and let down by our legal system.

The Rev Charles McCartney went to the trouble of actually taking photographs of the schoolboy yobs on the roof of his church, during one of their wrecking sprees.

But, instead of seeing the vandals ending up in court, he has now been informed by the Public Prosecution Service that no action is to be taken, because of lack of evidence.

Mr. McCartney's church, St Donard's, in east Belfast and his congregation have had to endure an unrelenting series of attacks - ranging from ripping slates off the roof, to throwing fireworks into the church during services and smashing windows.

But photographic evidence pointing to the possible culprits has been thrown out - before a case has even reached the doors of the court.

Many ordinary citizens of this country, who have experienced similar treatment at the hands of young yobs, will sympathise with the Rev McCartney and his parishioners.

Once again, the guilty walk free to laugh at the law while the victims are, presumably, left to cope with more of the same yobbish behaviour.

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