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After the past 12 months, we all deserve a holiday



Julian Simmons

Julian Simmons

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Julian Simmons

Former UTV presenter Julian Simmons speaks for us all when he says that he cannot wait to let loose on his next holiday abroad.

After 12 months of hell caused by the coronavirus pandemic, who doesn't dream of sun-soaked beaches, dining along the seashore and letting the cares of the world blow away on sea breezes?

We cannot keep being promised better times ahead after the success of the vaccination programme, only to have those hopes dashed because other countries have failed to keep up with our jabs scheme.

Julian is taking a positive attitude. Used to four holidays a year, he is feeling the pain of having to stay at home more than most.

He plans to visit Guernsey and Dubai, his dream destinations, when international travel is allowed again.

However, in spite of Boris Johnson's plan to reopen travel abroad in May, no one is certain that will happen because of the various factors at play.

In the meantime, anyone planning a holiday is doing so on a wing and a prayer.

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