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Amber's survival should spark plans for research



Amber Hanna

Amber Hanna

Stephen Hamilton

Amber Hanna

Belfast teenager Amber Hanna knows that she is a lucky girl after a tumour on her brain burst, causing a serious haemorrhage. A swift medical response stopped the bleeding and most of the tumour was later removed.

Although she has some side effects, she realises she is fortunate to be alive and looking to the future with optimism.

She has bravely spoken out about her experience in an effort to get more funding invested into brain tumour research. As she says, many people are not as lucky as her.

Amber had suffered from migraine headaches from childhood but it was only this year that she found out the cause.

As we know, there are huge demands on the NHS and government finances due to the Covid-19 pandemic but Amber hopes her story will spark more research from both government and cancer charities.

More research would enable medical professionals to be more aware of the symptoms that need to be red-flagged at an earlier stage and also ensure that treatment is more widely available.

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