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Cancer campaigner Melanie's dedication and courage will be missed



Melanie Kennedy

Melanie Kennedy

Melanie Kennedy

The courage of people facing a diagnosis of terminal illness never fails to astonish. Mum-of-two Melanie Kennedy was such a person.

When told she had only five years to live in 2014 she began campaigning tirelessly for a life-lengthening drug to be made available on the NHS in Northern Ireland as it was in Scotland. She lived long enough to see her campaign succeed.

She faced the heartbreak of being told at one stage she was free of the disease only for it to return. However she was determined to spend as much time as possible with her two young sons.

Her courage and dedication to leaving a legacy for others won her the admiration of countless people across the province and nothing was more apt than her mother's description of her as a "warrior".

People like Melanie Kennedy are a rare breed and are an inspiration to all of us. Thinking of others at a time when her own life was on the line marked her out as a special person and cancer patients have lost a very influential and vocal advocate with her passing.

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