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Coronavirus victims are more than mere statistics



Golfer Katie Poots

Golfer Katie Poots

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Golfer Katie Poots

Sometimes, it takes children to tell us adults what is important in life. Northern Ireland's top schoolgirl golfer is appealing to people to follow the three basic rules for combating Covid-19 - wash your hands, wear a mask and socially distance when in the company of others.

These are simple rules, yet many people continue to ignore them. But Katie Poots has a special reason for her appeal. Her grandfather, who revelled in her huge golfing talent, died from the virus in April. It was a devastating blow for the whole family and a reminder that coronavirus is a deadly enemy.

Her grandfather came to watch her play every weekend and was a constant encouragement to her. Very often we forget that behind every statistic of death from the virus lies a story of much-loved person taken too soon.

Katie's campaign is being backed by the Mary Peters Trust, which has a face mask range.

Apart from defined medical issues, there should be no reason not to wear a mask.

It could save someone's life, someone so very loved, just like Katie's grandad.

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