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Derry singer JC Stewart a bright star on the rise



JC Stewart with Lewis Capaldi

JC Stewart with Lewis Capaldi

JC Stewart with Lewis Capaldi

To anyone familiar with Magherafelt, the name JC Stewart is synonymous with the town's family-owned grocery store, over many generations.

However the latest bearer of this name is a talented singer-songwriter who is making waves far beyond Co. Londonderry.

Stewart moved to London to be at the heart of the music industry, but he managed to return home to Northern Ireland just ahead of the March lockdown.

Fortunately the change of scene has been responsible for some of the 23-year-old's best work yet.

The Government has been criticized rightly for telling artistes, such as ballet dancers, that they could always retrain in IT.

However, art in all its many wonderful forms plays a role in life that cannot be reduced simply to an economic formula.

Hopefully it won't be long before JC Stewart is once again filling concert halls around the world.

It seems that grocery's loss will be music's gain.

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