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Donna makes welcome return to our TV screens



Donna Traynor

Donna Traynor

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Donna Traynor

Sometimes it seems, unlike newspapers, broadcasters fail to realise the impact that its long serving presenters have with the viewing public. That is particularly the case when it comes to news or current affairs.

Viewers build up a rapport with their nightly news or current affairs presenters, even though they may never meet them or, indeed, know little about them.

However, they trust them to deliver the reports in a balanced and professional manner and to ask the questions that they would if given the opportunity to do so. That is why there will be a general welcome for the return of Donna Traynor to BBC NI screens this week.

She has been a familiar face presenting news bulletins since the 1990s after beginning her career with RTE.

Her absence for the past three months was due to an operation for an undisclosed problem and her fans, and fellow journalists, will wish her well and hope she has made a full recovery.

Credit must also be given to her colleagues who filled in so professionally for her during her absence.

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