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DUP should not hold out on climate change Bill



Clare Bailey

Clare Bailey

Clare Bailey

Another Northern Ireland-specific piece of legislation that should enjoy cross-party support gets its first reading in the Assembly today.

The Climate Change Bill is the work of environmentalists and academics and will propose zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

It will also include clauses to address the province's water quality and declining biodiversity.

The real test, though, comes when it receives its second reading and MLAs get to debate the proposals.

So far, Sinn Fein, the UUP, SDLP and Alliance Party have all signed up to Green Party leader Clare Bailey's Private Member's Bill, with only the DUP holding out.

The idea that there is somehow a "debate" over climate change, with respectable arguments put forward on each side, is a misnomer: climate change is a fact.

It is time that the DUP signed up to Clare Bailey's Bill.

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