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Eamonn's relaxed radio approach very welcome



Stephen Nolan and Eamonn Holmes

Stephen Nolan and Eamonn Holmes

Stephen Nolan and Eamonn Holmes

It was the day when the self-styled biggest show in the country met the biggest broadcasting star from this country. Eamonn Holmes became Stephen Nolan, but the contrast between these heavyweight, and much lauded, broadcasters could not have been more different.

Eamonn does not believe in bludgeoning interviewees into submission, rather relying on his tried and tested smooth approach to create a more relaxed atmosphere, which some might say is a good thing in a province where reason is often drowned out in hot-headed antipathy.

That is not to decry Stephen's ability which speaks loudly for itself. There is no one quite like him for calling politicians and officialdom to account and Eamonn will have to remember this during his brief tenure in the hot seat. Northern Ireland is often the forgotten region of the UK when it comes to national broadcasters, so it is great to see one of the best, and one of our own, hosting the Nolan Show.

Eamonn has not forgotten where he cut his broadcasting teeth and in spite of his fame is willing to do a shift back in Belfast.

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