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Even people born here struggle with the accent



The cast of Derry Girls

The cast of Derry Girls

The cast of Derry Girls

It’s no surprise that American audiences struggle with Northern Ireland accents. Even some of us find it tricky to understand people from a few miles down the road.

Whether it’s Derry, Belfast or Armagh, unless you’ve been around the various twangs long enough, it can be hard to catch every word and phrase.

So, the news that Derry Girls is among the top three shows that US audiences find difficult to follow is understandable.

The speed and colloquialisms of the accent can be tricky for many, whether they’re from New York or the New Lodge.

To get around this problem, many viewers opt for subtitles, which can be distracting.

One positive from this is that those struggling to get their heads around Erin, Orla or Clare’s words might watch episodes more than once, becoming bigger fans in the process. Others might go as far as to make a trip to Derry to see if that’s how locals really speak.

Regardless, we can’t blame our American friends for finding it difficult to decipher our words when we all struggle more often than we would like to admit.

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