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Grant's effort a shining example of humanity



Grant Weir

Grant Weir

Grant Weir

The resilience of the human spirit never fails to amaze. Enniskillen man Grant Weir is a shining example of putting his own serious physical and mental health problems to one side in order to help others.

Grant, a former UDR soldier, was grievously injured 41 years ago in an IRA bomb attack but now is pledging to walk a marathon to raise funds for two deserving local charities who have been his crutches since the explosion.

His family are hoping that the walk will also be beneficial to Grant whose physical condition deteriorated during the lockdown.

There may also be mental health benefits as the sponsored walk will give him a much needed sense of purpose and routine which he lost when the day centre he attended had to close due to the pandemic.

Given the terrible experience endured by Grant - he almost died from is injuries - it would have been easy for him and his family to withdraw into their shells but instead they are reaching out to others in difficult circumstances.

We salute their humanity.

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