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Hercules should prove a strong draw for tourists



A portrait of Hercules Mulligan

A portrait of Hercules Mulligan

A portrait of Hercules Mulligan

A Northern Ireland-born hero of the American revolution is at last to gain recognition in his home town. But it wasn't reluctance to acknowledge his role in defeating the British in the War of Independence that prevented Hercules Mulligan being honoured before now, but the fact that few people on this side of the Atlantic had ever heard of him.

Perhaps that is what made him such a good spy gaining vital information for the American troops commanded by George Washington. He also founded an organisation which promoted the abolition of slavery. His role only became well known through the stage musical Hamilton. Mulligan was a mentor to Alexander Hamilton, one of the USA's founding fathers.

Now the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council is set to sing his praises around the north coast by incorporating his name in a series of heritage trails.

That should prove an additional draw for American tourists who visit this island to find the ancestral homes of 23 former Presidents of their country.

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