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Inspiring story behind new book simply magic



Author Hanna Devon. Photo: Stephen Hamilton

Author Hanna Devon. Photo: Stephen Hamilton

Stephen Hamilton

Author Hanna Devon. Photo: Stephen Hamilton

Fiction can sometimes morph into fact as in the case of the children's book written by Northern Ireland author Hanna Devon. Originally penned as a present for a young child some years ago, it deals with themes of loneliness and isolation in the eons before there was a Christmas. Those themes are relevant to children - and possibly even more adults - today.

The hero was dared to dream and he created Christmas trees and Santa Claus.

He was then given a pouch filled with magic crystals and today everyone who purchases a copy of Hanna's book will receive a similar gift, although the child must make their own magic happen.

This is a lovely Christmas tale, inspiring and thought provoking, and came about because Hanna was made redundant due to the pandemic and decided to resurrect the story.

She is now pregnant and expecting to give birth on Christmas Eve to a baby boy who she and her husband plan to call Millar. The name of the book - Millar's Magic Crystals - ensures that it will be a wonderful and enduring gift for their son.

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