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Irish language project a step in right direction



Irish language activist Linda Ervine

Irish language activist Linda Ervine

Irish language activist Linda Ervine

For almost a decade now the Turas project has been reaching across the divide in east Belfast, bringing the teaching of the Irish language into one of the city's Protestant heartlands.

Beginning back in 2011 with a single class held on the Newtownards Road, through the work of Linda Ervine - the late PUP leader David Ervine's sister-in-law - it has steadily grown in popularity.

Today one man shares his story about his experience. Ivor Reid describes how he once believed the only people who knew Irish were enemies and wore balaclavas. Five years after a chance encounter led to him embarking on a first Irish class, he fronts a video profiling the diversity of the people who choose to learn the language.

The efforts of Linda, and her remarkable project, are also opening minds in this part of the city.

Turas translates as a journey, and - to borrow a phrase from the present time - Ivor's is just one of the extraordinary stories to emerge on the road towards a new normal.

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