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Property guaranteed to blow house hunters away



"The Mill"

"The Mill"

"The Mill"

A property for sale in one of Northern Ireland's most scenic areas in Co Down is bound to blow prospective buyers away. For it is a converted windmill which makes it one of the most unusual homes to come on the market.

But its grandeur and individuality come with a hefty price tag, at least £625,000,

We may still be in the midst of a global pandemic and concerned how Brexit will play out in the long term, but it seems there is still plenty of money sloshing around in the province. Houses are selling quickly, and at asking price or above, showing strong consumer confidence in the market.

And for that really special property - like a windmill - the sky really could be the limit.

Who wants to have a home like Windy Miller, the character who lived in a windmill at Camberwick Green in the BBC TV animated series?

It will certainly make a great ice-breaker at dinner parties or when lounging on sunny days atop the building.

It would be difficult not to feel a little bit above the ordinary householder.

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