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Some good news in event of a zombie apocalypse



Belfast Cityscape

Belfast Cityscape

Belfast Cityscape

At first glance being lauded as a good place to live in the event of a zombie apocalypse may not seem like a desirable accolade. But that is what three Northern Ireland cities, Belfast, Armagh City and Newry, have achieved being ranked third, fifth and seventh respectively in the UK.

Cynics who visited any of those locations a few decades ago might argue that the province has experience of apocalyptic living even if it was not due to an attack of the living dead.

But the rankings should be applauded as they take in eight survival factors including the number of offshore windfarms, electric vehicle charging points, the number of farmers and the amount of open space.

All these would allow people to survive by growing their own food and generating energy. It is a far cry from the days when we were totally reliant on fossil fuels for electricity generation.

But let us hope that we never have to put our attributes to the test.

At the moment we are struggling to overcome the bureaucracy created by Brexit and the NI protocol.

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