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Stephen Nolan works hard for his substantial BBC salary



Stephen Nolan on Radio Ulster

Stephen Nolan on Radio Ulster

Stephen Nolan on Radio Ulster

With his aggressive, often confrontational, style of interviewing, Stephen Nolan is hard to ignore.

Like Marmite, some people love him, others find him far from their morning cup of tea.

That is why there is annual interest in what he earns at the BBC. In 2019/20 it was in the £390,000 to 395,000 bracket, up £65,000 on the previous year.

Predictably, there are those who decry such large salaries paid for by licence payers, but broadcasting is a highly competitive industry and talent will always demand and get payments far in advance of what the vast majority of us earn.

What should be remembered in this instance is that the increased salary was earned through an increased workload.

What cannot be denied is that Stephen Nolan is one of the hardest-working broadcasters in the land, which is why he is one of the top 10 earners in the BBC.

It is small-minded to begrudge someone with his work ethic and talent his reward.

No doubt he is well able to defend himself from his critics.

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