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The gloom won't last, better days will come



Professor Siobhan O’Neill

Professor Siobhan O’Neill

Professor Siobhan O’Neill

If you have the Monday blues today, then there may be good reason. Because today is dubbed Blue Monday, supposedly the most miserable day of the year.

It was identified back in 2004 by a travel company who noted the day came amid fading Christmas memories - and the slew of bills arriving after festive excesses; the gloomy weather and the realisation that New Year resolutions have - again - not quite worked out.

And while the merits of whether it really is the most gloomy day are debatable, some are finding life tough. That this year's Blue Monday falls during a strict lockdown in the age of Covid means the challenges faced by many in winter are felt even more acutely.

Writing in this newspaper today, Northern Ireland's mental health champion Prof Siobhan O'Neill highlights simple steps we can all take. From improving our physical health to adapting our sleeping to modifying our eating habits, many of the January blues can be banished and perhaps some New Year resolutions brought back on track.

January - and lockdown - will not last for ever, and hopefully soon we can all look to better days in 2021.

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