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There may be new faces in government, but nothing will change here



Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson


Boris Johnson

One of Albert Einstein’s most famous quotes reads: “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted in important affairs”.

One by one members of the Conservative Party are coming around to that way of thinking. It’s not as if they haven’t had any previous warnings over their leader, Boris Johnson.

As the Prime Minister continues to doggedly hold on to power while his closest allies desert him, you wonder whether they have, belatedly, judged the mood and are now acting out of self interest.

Political manoeuvring always takes place in murky waters and seeing into the depths for a clearer picture of what’s going on under the surface is never an easy task.

And politics and the truth rarely walk hand in hand.

When we’re talking about truth, we might as well be honest. The wheels coming off the Conservative government amounts to little more than a sideshow for people of Northern Ireland, pretty much how Northern Ireland ranks as little more than a sideshow for the majority of posturing Westminster politicians.

Prime Ministers are never removed from office when things are going well, but much of what has been happening has been self inflicted by a government, led by Johnson, that failed to see the bigger picture.

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After lurching from one crisis to another, the trust is gone. Once one scandal was swept under the Downing Street carpet another was always waiting to take over the headlines from the last.

Nothing changes in Northern Ireland. The issues over Brexit and the NI protocol remain. The cost of living crisis remains. We still have no Stormont operating. We still have issues over health and education funding.

The mere entertainment, as we look on like rubberneckers, will only momentarily divert attention away from the long road ahead.

Faces in government may change, but the government’s controversial legislation to override parts of the protocol will also continue on its path through Westminster.

On Wednesday morning NI Secretary of State Brandon Lewis was still standing by the man who put him in office.

By evening time he was rumoured to be among another group telling the PM it was time to step aside. Politics can be a fast moving game and it’s enlightening to watch the speed events can happen when it’s the personal future of those in politics that’s at stake.

If only the big issues that really affect us all could be dealt with so quickly.

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