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Turning stars into toys is child's play for Brian Tipping



Action figure version of Carl Frampton

Action figure version of Carl Frampton

Action figure version of Carl Frampton

As any woman will tell you, inside every grown man is a child trying to get out. And tattoo artist Brian Tipping is no exception.

For every night after work he spends his time creating a collection of Northern Ireland legends action figures. It all stems from his youth when he was a big collector of WWE action figures and his desire recently to find one-off collector's pieces.

Unable to find what he wanted he set about making his own with figures ranging from Stephen Nolan, already a legend in his own show, to former world champion boxer Carl Frampton and sadly departed sports stars Alex Higgins and George Best.

As a tattoo artist Brian obviously has a creative side and making the model figures is a wonderful piece of lateral thinking making use of his skills.

Of course no collection would be complete without a model of May McFettridge. If ever there was a one-off, she is it.

As is Yohan the Belfast busker who plays the Violumpet in the city centre. Not the most melodic instrument in the world but certainly one that is unforgettable.

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