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Two holes in one golfer should buy a lotto ticket



Belfast golfer Matt Welsh

Belfast golfer Matt Welsh

Belfast golfer Matt Welsh

A hole in one is the Holy Grail of golf, be you a weekend hacker or a scratch performer. No matter how good you are - or how bad - it is an achievement which can never be taken away.

Record scores can and will be bettered, but the sheer elation of seeing that little white ball disappear into the hole on a single stroke will never fade.

Think then how Matt Welsh, a member of Knock Golf Club in Belfast, must feel after scoring two holes in one in a single round. The odds against that happening are calculated at 67 million to one but in his case are incalculable because one of the holes involved is a par four.

Tradition has it that anyone scoring a hole in one has to buy whatever members are in the clubhouse at the time a round of drinks.

In this case, Matt is the one deserving a tipple, for his feat has made news far and wide on social media.

The big question now is whether Matt has decided to do the lottery this weekend after his odds-defying feat. Picking six winning numbers should be a piece of cake.

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