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World's coolest invention has to be the ice lolly

By Eddie McIlwaine

As far as I'm concerned, one of the world's coolest inventions has to be the ice lolly.

I used to ride 12 miles home from school licking one or two – or even three – of the Dale Farm specials.

I had the trip down to a fine art.

Three of the pieces in their blue wrappers lasted me all the way from Ballyclare right to my own back door in Carnmoney village.

Blue has been my favourite colour ever since. They were just known as plain ice lollies to start with way back then.

The Polly Pineapple, Pear Picking Porky and Mr Frostie – the ice king who still reigns supreme today – came later when Dale Farm realised it was on to a winner.

I enjoy the occasional Mr Frostie to this day. I'm not surprised that Mr Frostie is still up there on his throne with his Polly Pineapple and Pear Picking Porky courtiers helping to lick this overheated province into shape and keep it cool.

I'll tell you this: I've settled a couple of arguments with friends who were losing their tempers a wee bit in the oven heat that has cooked us all just for a week or two by handing them a Polly Pineapple.

I mean to say, how can you stay fallen out with a friend who has just presented you with an ice lolly straight from the fridge?

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