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Read on for some great Horrible Histories facts:




Did you know ... Cleopatra took the throne when she was about 17 years old in 51BC.   She then married her brother, Ptolemy XIII, who was about 12.

Did you know ... In Victorian England people flocked to see a mummy being unwrapped! Refreshments were served after the 'performance', just as if it were a theatre show.




Did you know ... The Romans enjoyed their circuses.  But they weren't the sort of family day out we have at the circus today.  No clowns, no jugglers, no tightrope walkers.  But lots of violence, blood and death.

Did you know ... In a gladiator fight when a victim fell in a battle an attendant would smack him on the head with a hammer to make sure he was dead.

Did you know ... Back in Rome they would have seen five thousand beasts killed in one day of AD 80 in the Coliseum of Rome.




Did you know ... Many of the Anglo-Saxons believed that a child born on a Friday would have a miserable life  - so they spared them the unhappiness by killing them when they were born!

Did you know ... Paper was expensive and hard to make in the Middle Ages. No one would use it for toilet paper.  Instead you'd use a bit of straw or moss.  Posh people might use a damp cloth.




Did you know ... Henry VIII looks very fat in his portraits.  But as well as having an over-fed body, his clothes were thick with padding  - at least it kept him warm in his draughty castles.

Did you know ... In Tudor times on average, only one person in ten lived to the age of 40.  Many died in childhood - the first year was the most dangerous of your life.




True or False

Pirates had wooden legs and eye patches.   Aye Jim Lad!   Cannon shots could mangle legs and smash faces.   A saw would take off a crushed leg and there was always wood to make a handy new stump - if stinking gangrene in the wound didn't kill you first.

Pirates made enemies walk the plank.  'Never me hearties.'  That was just for stories.  Pirates never wasted their time.  If they wanted enemies dead they just chopped them to pieces and fed them to the sharks.


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