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11 easy ways to improve your smartphone's battery life

There's never a more terrifying moment than when you're on a night out and you realise your phone is about to die.

How will you take photos of your legendary evening? How will you check-in to all the amazing places you're about to attend? How will you stalk other people to make sure your night out is better?

Gone are the good old days when a phone's battery would last a nuclear winter (kind of)  - and now with great smartphone responsibility comes a short battery life to test our patience.

But luckily there's ways around this annoying quirk of the devices - and a lot of them are very simple.

Here's a list of easy ways to improve your smartphone's battery life:

1. Turn down the brightness

So simple, but so effective.

The brightness of your device can drain a lot of power unnecessarily - so reduce the level and increase your battery's life span.

2. Disable app notifications you don't need

Some notifications are essential, others are not.

If you decide you don't really need to immediately see a new Instagram picture of your best friend's cousin's new baby, then you can definitely save yourself some battery life.

And let's be honest, the group chat is not life or death 90% of the time so put your mates on mute - for your battery's sake, if not your sanity.

3. Update your device

Updates to your phone are for a reason - usually to fix bugs, glitches and vulnerabilities. This includes battery problems.

If you're experiencing issues with your battery life, this might be fixed with a quick update - so heed the notification!

4. Disable background data

A lot of apps are still working even when you're not using them, which is fine for apps including emails and social media but not really necessary for those you rarely use. They are just draining your battery.

For iOS devices, you can turn off background data on an app-by-app basis.

Go to Settings - General - Background App Refresh, and select apps to turn off.

For Android devices, you can restrict background data for each app by going to Settings—Data usage.

Tap on your app, then scroll to the bottom to restrict background data on cellular networks.

5. Use low power mode

Often used by many when in the final countdown of their battery's percentage and a charger is nowhere in sight.

Save yourself the drama by switching to low power mode whereby all non-essential tasks will be disabled and you could buy yourself hours of battery time.

11 easy ways to improve your smartphone's battery life

6. Use auto-lock

When the screen is on you're using power, obviously.

By making sure your phone isn't on when it's not needed you save power, obviously.

Set your auto-lock to a low time threshold and all will be (reasonably) well with your battery life.

7. See which apps are killing your battery

Not all apps are created equal and some guzzle battery life more than others.

By regularly checking which apps are the main culprits you can decide if they are entirely necessary, because chances are if it's that game you downloaded to keep yourself amused in the dentist waiting room you can probably live without it.

8. Use airplane mode

If your battery is dangerously low and you know you can live without social media, emails and calls until you get to a charger - then pop it on airplane mode.

You can intermittently turn it off to check that you aren't missing anything major on social media or that hugely important email, and it will do the job until you get yourself a charger.

9. Disable Bluetooth

Many people will have Bluetooth enabled on their phone and not only will they not need it, they won't even know it's on.

Bluetooth can be automatically turned on again following an update or coming off airplane mode, so keep an eye on the function - it could be the cause of your drained battery.

10. Turn off wifi if you're not using it

We all enjoy a bit of free wifi, but if you're in a spot where you're using good old 4G then flick off the wifi tab - you're battery will thank you.

11. Be mindful of what you are using your phone for

It probably goes without saying, but just in case... if you're down to your last 10% of battery it's probably not the best idea to be looking through the top tending videos on YouTube.

Save that kind of activity for the comfort of a full battery.

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