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Ensure your heating system is working at optimal efficiency

By Grant NI

As temperatures plummet and winter draws closer, many homeowners across Northern Ireland are firing their boilers up for the first time this autumn to discover inefficiencies and inadequacies in their home heating systems. These issues can be spotted through abnormally high home heating bills and fuel consumption rates, homes which take too long to heat up and are difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature, and unreliable systems which leave families out in the cold when they need them most.

With thousands of Northern Irish households having the highest weekly expenditure on energy when compared to other regions in the UK*, seeking efficient home heating systems is of utmost importance to local homeowners who are closely examining their household expenditures as well as their families’ environmental footprints.

“As a home ages and occupants change over time, many home heating systems evolve to consist of mismatched radiators and inefficiencies develop without a heating strategy in place,” said Mark Eccles, Grant NI. “It is important to approach the heating of your home in a holistic manner, examining your main heating source, hot water cylinders and heat emitters to determine what system would work best for the construction type and layout of your home as well as the unique requirements of your family to optimise efficiency and cost savings.”

Grant NI

With over 40 years’ experience in developing and providing highly efficient, reliable and affordable home heating technologies, Grant’s portfolio of heating technologies has been developed to work together in order to meet a home’s unique requirements, delivering measurable cost savings and high performance.

Grant outlines some of the ways you can maximise efficiencies with your home heating system: 

1. Regular boiler checks

Take care of your boiler with regular boiler checks to make sure your heating system is working at optimum efficiency. Get into the habit of scheduling an annual boiler service with your local installer.

2. Insulate your home

Ensure your home is insulated. Without adequate insulation in walls and roof space, heat will escape from your home; insulating can prevent heat loss and ensure your home heats up faster and stays warmer for longer.

3. Thermostat adjustments 

Making even small adjustments on your thermostat can make economic efficiencies. Try turning your thermostat down just one degree to help you save up to 10% a year on your home heating bills.

4. Upgrade your current system

If your oil boiler is over ten years old, then it won’t be as efficient as newer models. Modern condensing oil boilers like the Grant Vortex, which is available in 63 different models and outputs from 12kW to 70kW, can help make immediate efficiencies and save you up to 25% on your annual home heating bills.

For the third year running the Grant Vortex Pro Utility range has received a Which? Best Buy, making Grant the only boiler brand in the UK and Ireland to be awarded a Which? Best Buy in 2017, 2018 and 2019. In its recent oil boiler survey, Which? once again acknowledged the excellent build, reliability and performance qualities that have become synonymous with Grant boilers - further reinforcing Grant’s position amongst the world’s best-known home appliance brands.

5. Combine heating technologies

If you are keen to go one step further to complete your heating strategy, then you may wish to consider upgrading your hot water cylinder and heat emitters to optimise and distribute heat throughout the home.

Grant has the solution to meet your requirements for these upgrades including pre-plumbed hot water cylinders which are designed to complement oil and renewable systems. Grant cylinders have been developed to the highest specifications and are designed to deliver maximum heat transfer and recovery by working seamlessly with one or more technologies.

When considering upgrading heat emitters in your home, the Grant Uflex underfloor heating is perfect for creating an ambient warmth under tile and hard wood flooring and Grant Afinia aluminium radiators offer a stylish option designed to suit a range of installations and include 6 – 20 panels as either standard or vertical radiators. Grant Solo fan convector radiators can also help boost efficiencies as they deliver faster rates of convection than traditional radiators and are an excellent addition for hard-to-heat areas of the home like large rooms with high ceilings with an added boost and ability to regulate their own heat output.

The Grant range of heat emitters perfectly compliments existing heating systems and can highlight the outstanding performance and efficiency of a home heating system fueled by a Grant Vortex condensing oil boiler or powered by a renewable heat source such as the Grant Aerona3 air source heat pump.

Bel tel - utility_lifestyle.jpg
Grant Vortex Pro Utility- Which? Best Buy oil boiler 2017,2018 and 2019.

For further information on Grant’s range of heating appliances, which are available from plumbing and heating merchants throughout Northern Ireland, visit:

If you are undertaking a new build project you can also contact the Grant team on 0800 0445062 to discuss multiple package solutions for your project and have your heating requirements designed, specified and supplied under one roof.

Think Heating. Think Grant.

*Department for the Economy – Energy in NI 2018


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