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Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Strawbridge launches interiors range at Harvey Norman

Plus find out how you can meet Angel and Dick Strawbridge at an exclusive event at Harvey Norman, Boucher Road store on 30th August!

Angel Strawbridge
Angel Strawbridge

Harvey Norman has launched the hotly anticipated new collection by designer, bestselling author and TV star, Angel Strawbridge, who will appearing at an exclusive event along with her husband Dick Strawbridge at the Boucher Road store on Friday 30th August. Read on to find out how you could be there!

Angel and her husband Dick Strawbridge became household names when they featured on Channel 4’s prime-time TV series ‘Escape to the Chateau’. Week by week viewers watched entranced as the unique couple brought back to life Chateau de la Motte Husson, an abandoned 19th century French chateau.

Whilst Dick used his ingenuity and skills as an engineer, gained from years in the army and presenting TV shows such as Scrapheap Challenge, to rebuild, renovate and add extraordinary features like a helter-skelter and pneumatic lift, Angel’s artistic flair and eye for the quirky turned the house into a home, with charm, ingenuity and more than a little elbow grease!

Deco Heron Ready Made Curtains from €170, Deco Heron Double Duvet Set €70, Deco Heron Moat Navy Cushion €40.jpg

Now, inspired by the fairy tale rooms of their distinctive home, Angel is launching her first interiors collection, ‘The Chateau’, in both instore at Harvey Norman and online at This capsule collection, with beautiful Art Deco touches, includes curtains, cushions, bedding, furniture and wallpaper.

But that’s not all. In partnership with Belfast Telegraph, Harvey Norman are offering fans of the show and of Angel’s unique style of interior design the opportunity to meet the Strawbridges at an exclusive Q&A event at Harvey Norman, Boucher Road at 2pm on Friday 30th August.

Registration is essential in order to obtain a spot on the guest list and is very simple to do; simply visit to complete your contact details and those who are successful in securing a place will be contacted.

On the day there will be an opportunity to ask Angel and Dick your burning questions and also to win or purchase pieces from the new collection. With four distinctive designs available, each tells a story of hidden treasures uncovered by the family and of the distinctive character of the property.

Museum Wallpaper €45 per roll, Museum Double Bed Set €40, Cushions from €30.jpg

The Wallpaper Collection is inspired by actual wallpaper offcuts from the 19th century which Angel discovered in the chateau’s attic and lovingly pieced together. Angel said of her inspiration: “I was delighted to discover roll upon roll of the most beautiful wallpaper offcuts from the designs that had adorned the walls of the Chateau since its birth… I wanted to celebrate this and share the joys of the colours and designs, so that its history lives on in many people’s memories”. And now we all can have some 19th century inspired wallpaper in our homes.

The Heron Collection is something unique, that you won’t find anywhere else. Inspired by Angel’s love of Art Deco design and the herons that occupy her new home and eat their fish, its soft colours and intricate designs take you to a calmer place, while also providing decorative and eye-catching features. Angel tells us why she loves this look; “In Japanese culture, the bird represents a noble and graceful appearance and a sign of purity, I suppose that must be why I’m drawn to it”.

The Potagerie Collection brings a touch of nature into your home instantly. Inspired by the walled garden of the Chateau, this collection comprises of stunning designs on wallpapers and soft furnishings. Angel tell us how this collection was born; “The room waited nearly four years to be given the attention it deserved and in that time the walled garden had also begun its transformation – and the view got better and better and better. Dick named the room ‘The Potagerie Suite’ and from that moment it too started to come to life”.

The Oriental Collection is inspired by Angel’s love of oriental design; “Since I can remember I’ve loved the forms of Bamboo, maybe it’s because it’s so deeply rooted in Chinese culture as a symbol of virtue, or maybe because it just has a fantastic aesthetic”.

Register today for your chance to attend this unique Q&A event with Dick and Angel at Harvey Norman, Boucher Road at 2pm on Friday, August 30th. Visit to register and those who are successful in securing a place will be contacted.


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