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Five easy peasy school week dinners

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Fail to prepare then prepare to fail is the mantra of the healthy and fit fraternity but it’s also one any family can introduce into their weekly schedule. In this feature we look to Lidl for inspiration to create the perfect five-day quick and easy menu that will take the thinking out of cooking during the school week.

Mondays are for Mozzarella Meatballs

Brighten up your blue Mondays with a crowd-pleasing meatball dish. This very special treat from Lidl is a bung-in-the-oven failsafe for all ages. Couple with spaghetti and in half an hour your culinary masterpiece is ready to serve.

Turkey Taco Tuesdays

Full of the good protein with less than 1% fat and a whole host of healthy vitamins and minerals including B vitamins for energy, selenium for healthy hair and nails as well as phosphorus for growth and development turkey is a great alternative to minced beef.

Pack it into a taco and you’ve got one fun midweek dinner that takes just 35 minutes to make.

On Wednesdays we eat Fish Finger Butties

This speedy 15-minute dish will take the bump out of hump day and allow you to rustle up, with speed, another family favourite. It also allows your children to get their intake of healthy fish.

Chop up some potatoes and roast for the perfect side dish or check out Lidl’s ready-prepared salads for a bit of a health injection.

Vegetarian Thursdays

This all-American 30-minute saviour will allow your family to do their bit for the environment but also enjoy a tasty dish that can be prepped and served in lightning speed.

Pair with some parmesan-topped broccoli for a fibre-rich, vitamin-fuelled side.

Fake-away Fridays

There’s no need to fork out on a takeaway when Lidl’s Coconut Milk Curry can be made in the time it takes to get one delivered.

This belly-filling number takes only 15 minutes to prepare and the best bit is it can be made as hot or mild according to each family member’s preference.

Grab a few naan breads to dunk in this dreamy creamy dish and serve with a side of rice



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