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Five unique back-to-school breakfasts for your little superheroes

By Lidl Ireland

Countless studies have hailed the breakfast as the most important meal of the day and the Public Health Agency goes one further by saying it improves concentration in school and wards off the urge, for all ages, to turn to quick-fix unhealthy snack mid-morning.

Other research states that those who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to reach their nutrient targets throughout the day and consume less calories but when the standard cereal and toast isn’t tempting your little ones to eat up before the school run, we offer up five alternatives in association with Lidl that will keep them on their toes throughout the day.

Special Flakes Eton mess

We love that this Lidl breakfast covers grains, protein and fruit in one tempting little dish that comes cleverly disguised as a dessert!

Fibre-rich and full of vitamin C, K and E as well as B vitamins and more, this raspberry breakfast packs a healthy punch.

The hidden seeded treat

Lidl’s Exotic Trail Mix Clusters, using its Multigrain Hoops cereal, cram in dried mango packed with Vitamin B for boosting energy, dried pineapple and mixed seeds which are an excellent source of fibre and good fats.

These clever little Clusters make for a great sweet treat for those mornings when you need a little pick me up.

The overnight job

Lidl’s Fruit and Fibre Overnight Pots are a novel way of presenting the traditional breakfast cereal while bunging in some vitamin-boosting shredded apple and natural yoghurt.

Make up the night before to save time in the morning and serve up in individual pots.

Pizza? For breakfast?

We know it sounds ridiculous but when you swap the ingredients for breakfast-friendly food groups, Lidl’s Bran Flake, almond and cashew fruit pizza is the ticket.

This is one for the parents with a bit more time to indulge in. Prep the bran flake base the night before and serve in slices in the morning with a centre piece of fruit toppings and yoghurt.

Green Eggs

It’s a firm favourite with the health-focussed eater and there’s no reason why the avocado and egg on toasted bread dish can’t please a younger audience.

Avocado and eggs are great brain foods and packed with protein which keeps your little ones fuller for longer.

Takeaway from and add to this simple recipe to fill up the whole family.

Lidl has a whole host of recipes for all your meal requirements using all ingredients available in store now. For more information visit


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