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Gifts to make her sparkle


In this special feature PANDORA breaks down the who and what of ideal gifting for the woman in your life, whether that’s a devoted mum, style-astute sister, perfect partner or a forever friend…

With a collection of jewellery pieces that will, without doubt, elevate your gifting game, PANDORA has something to suit every special lady in your life and there are few other gifts that speak louder than a statement piece of jewellery.

At PANDORA there is wide selection of looks to match all preferences - from classic to contemporary - no lady in your life is left uncovered in its latest line of pieces.

For the sparkle-loving magpie in your life

For the girl who loves to shine, PANDORA’s hand-finished Glacial Beauty range sets your sentiments in stone. We call it bling with brilliance.

Available in sterling sliver, this line flaunts awe-inducing bracelets including the Sliding Bracelet, £80, to eye-catching earrings, £70, and for the special woman in your life, the standout Shards of Sparkle Necklace, £100, and Glacial Beauty Ring, £80 will win her over.

For the fashion focussed lady in your life

Perhaps the most challenging of all gift recipients, the dedicated follower of fashion knows her look more than anyone else will but at PANDORA, the Purely PANDORA range is a game changer. This collection appeals to the most discerning lady. Think understated, cool and contemporary but with a classic vibe can be paired up with any of your stylista’s fashion choices.

The stunning String of Beads Necklace, £60, makes the perfect statement on Christmas morning. Or a pair of understated but classic studs with the PANDORA Classic Beads Earrings, £35 will fine-tune any look.

The String of Beads Sliding Bracelet, £55 is another fashionable style twister and if you’re stuck on which one to buy, the PANDORA Beaded Gift set comprising earrings and sliding bracelet for £75, will earn you extra credits!

For the timelessly classic woman

She’s always in style no matter what the occasion because she flaunts an ageless look with finesse. No fuss but always with enduring beauty, freshwater cultured pearls will forever earn themselves a rightful place in any stylish woman’s jewellery box.

Gift her a pair of simply stunning PANDORA Rose Contemporary Pearl Hoop Earrings, £90, or PANDORA’s Contemporary Pearl Ring for £70.

For the girl who lets her look speak volumes

She’s sassy and always ahead of the trends so this lady needs something that stands out and screams with personality. PANDORA Reflexions, the newest and most exciting addition to the market is as alternative as she is, offering a fresh take on the classic charm bracelet. It shouts edgy but can be coupled with any style ensemble.

The £99 Reflexion bracelet Gift Set in sterling silver, with charm, is just the ticket.

For the sentimental girl of your dreams

Personality is high up her agenda and anything that sends a loving message will make her Christmas day. There is no other jewellery piece that says sentimental more than a charm bracelet. PANDORA Moments Bracelet, £55 is the beginning of your story and reminds her of those special moments you shared. You can personalise her bracelet with everything from Christmas charms to the pretty PANDORA Warm Cocoa Charm, £35 - there’s a piece to capture your message. Or why not consider charms that speak to family roots and connections.

PANDORA’s charms such as Daughter’s Love, £35, Family Roots, £30 and Mother and Son, £20, are just the thing to tug at the family heart strings.

For the Disney devotee

Who isn’t mad about Mickey and Minnie? This lady likes to wear her love for Disney’s joyous characters on her sleeve which is why PANDORA’s newest charms, rings and necklaces from the classic Princesses such as Snow White and Beauty & The Beast, to the main man himself, Mickey Mouse, will win over your fun-loving lady.

With the impending release of the new Mary Poppins you could even gift her with a perfect charm to mark the big release! From charms to pendants and rings you’re sure to make a statement with Disney. Prices start at £30.

And if you’re still unsure…

Then PANDORA’s perfectly packaged gift sets have made it even easier.

Whether it’s a bracelet or charm or something that little more impressive with a necklace and matching earrings, PANDORA have you covered. Allow the team in store to guide you with your choices to take the pressure off! Gift sets start at £75

The PANDORA Christmas Collection is available now in PANDORA stores nationwide. View the full collection online at



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