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However you do Christmas, Tesco helps you host with 12 ways to a showstopping Christmas


With the countdown to Christmas well and truly under-way, many families across Northern Ireland will be starting to plan their festive feasts.

From party spreads, bubbles-filled brunches, delicious cheese boards, and the much-anticipated main event - however you do Christmas, everyone's welcome at Tesco.

So, forget the partridge in a pear tree and the turtle doves, we’ve rounded up ‘12 ways of Christmas’ with some of the best in festive food and drink from Tesco.

Finest Continental Meat Platter with Manchego (310g) - £10

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Great for parties and pairing with wine, this sharing platter of Spanish and Italian charcuterie features serrano ham, garlic salchichón, chorizo, beechwood-smoked speck, salami Milano and coppa, plus Manchego cheese.

Finest Premier Cru Rose Champagne 75Cl - £22

If your festive party needs some bubbles, then pop open this lively pink fizz made with Premier Cru Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. With a refreshing citrus taste and red berry flavours, this Champagne is also a lovely match for fruity desserts.

Smoked Salmon (240G) - £6.40

Served as a luxurious brunch or the ultimate smoked salmon starter, this classic, cured fish is a great way to have a sophisticated start to your Christmas dining. This responsibly sourced salmon is cured and kiln-smoked over oak and beechwood for a delicate flavour. Then it’s left to mature to allow the flavour to develop before slicing.

Finest Thai Inspired Butternut Squash, Coconut & Lime Spring Rolls - £5

Taking inspiration from Thai cuisine, these vibrant and crispy rolls are filled with butternut squash, coconut, lemongrass and lime leaf, then wrapped in pastry and sprinkled with desiccated coconut, paprika and parsley, for a total harmony of flavour. Perfect for parties and sure to be a hit with guests. Contains 8 spring rolls

Stuffed and basted frozen turkey joint (780g) - Was £5.00 now £3.75

For those opting for a traditional bird as the centrepiece for Christmas, this boneless turkey breast is effortlessly delicious. Tesco British turkeys are free to roam in spacious surroundings to ensure their wellbeing, which results in full-flavoured meat. Stuffed with pork, sage and onion, and basted with butter and rapeseed oil for extra succulence and richness.

Festive Unicorn Cake - £11

One of this year’s most popular trends has had a festive makeover and comes in the form of a hand-decorated baked delight. With chocolate flavoured sponge and frosting to match, the cake is finished with edible sugar decorations. This fun and chocolaty indulgence is sure to be a winner with guests of all ages this Christmas. Serves 14.

Finest Baking Brie (620g) - £6

Often a favourite for the festive period, simply pop this whole cheese, topped with dried berries and a Grand Marnier and cranberry glaze, into the oven to soften. Serve while still oozy and warm with hunks of bread so everyone can dip in.

Finest PX Sherry - £6

Great as a pairing for your festive desserts and cheese and a great way to round off a meal. This delicious Sherry is made in Jerez from grapes that are laid out to dry in the hot sun. This gives it a distinctively sweet, velvety finish with aromas of raisins and figs. For an alternative use, try pouring this sweet Sherry over vanilla or festive-spiced ice cream for an easy yet special dessert.

Finest Christmas Pudding - £8

This pudding, infused with Courvoisier Cognac, is made to a 100-year-old recipe and matured for 12 months for a deliciously moist texture and wonderful full flavour. As an indulgent finishing touch, try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon and soft brown sugar to double cream as you whip it, and serve with this pud. Serves 8

Free From Mince Pies - £1.75

Pull out all the stops with these deep-filled gluten and milk-free treats. Rich crumbly pastry is packed with fruity mincemeat. Serves 4

Finest Cheese Box - £10

This rich and flavoursome selection will create a tempting platter of beautiful cheeses which can be teamed with crackers and chutneys. Featuring Red Leicester Bite, matured for a distinctive crunch; St Endellion Brie, made with Cornish double cream; Montagnolo® Affiné mould, a soft cheese with subtle blue notes; nutty flavoured Le Gruyere® AOP; and Wensleydale with cranberry and blueberry. To impress your guests, style with fruit such as figs, black grapes or pear. Serves 20

Finest Mince Pie Cookies - £3

The humble cookie has been given a festive make-over. Filled with delicious mincemeat and dusted with fine sugar, you can either warm them up in the oven or devour them straight away. 8 pack.

Whatever type of festive gathering you’re hosting, from serving up the classics to creating new traditions – everyone’s welcome at Tesco.

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