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Living the Danish way - meet the Irish people spending four days in Copenhagen

This summer Carlsberg will be running 'The Danish Experiment' and following the journey of four well-known Irish personalities as they embark on a trip to Copenhagen.

The influential group, representing the world of music, food, art and interior design will spend four days in the capital where they will immerse themselves in the Danish way of living - and learn what makes it so unique.

A five-part web series will follow the dynamic group as they live and work like a local , as well as pair up with some of Denmark's most talented creatives in each of their respective fields to create something truly fantastic.

But they won't know where they are going, what they are doing or who they will be meeting until they land in Copenhagen.

So who are the four Irish faces embarking on this unique adventure? And how much do they know about the country they are about to immerse themselves in?

Let's meet them:

Jay Boland


Best known as a bassist with Irish band Kodaline, Jay is also a music producer, song writer, and videographer from Dublin.

And while he's used to travelling the world with his fellow band mates, he said he's excited about venturing into the unknown in Copenhagen.

"I think the best part is we have very little information," he added.

"Anytime I've been to Denmark it's only ever been for about six or seven hours so you never really get to see it.

"I'm looking forward to exploring the city from a local's perspective. I love new experiences, I love being out and about and seeing life go on."

But just how much does Jay know about the country?

What is the Danish currency? (Danish Kroner)


Can you name any Danish actors?

I have watched this one Danish show but I wouldn't even try to pronounce their names.

Can you name any danish musicians or bands?


True or false - pickled herring is a much loved food in Denmark. (True)


True or false - Denmark shares a border with Norway. (False)


Kevin Powell


Food trail blazer Kevin is the co-founder of popular Dublin café, Meet Me In The Morning.

The self-taught chef is known for his incredible knowledge of taste and ingredients, and is a keen city forager - he regularly harvests wild ingredients from many Dublin landmarks.

Having been to Denmark many times, Kevin says he's excited to get back to the "super-chilled" city.

"I love how the people are and how relaxed the atmosphere is. And also how much people seemed to love what they do, everyone seems to have something in life that they enjoy.

"I think I have an idea of the Danish cuisine - at least I've let myself believe that I do. I've had my fair share of smorgasbords and I would often find similarities between what I would cook and what they would cook."

So we put Kevin to the test, with our ultimate Danish quiz.

Can you name any Danish musicians or bands?

Where are Peter Bjorn and John from? (They are Swedish). I'm going to study Danish bands like nobody's business when I get to Denmark!

Besides Denmark, can you name any more Scandinavian countries?

Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden - I've been to all of them!

True or false - the Danish language has no word for thank you. (False, it has no word for please)


Can you name any Danish actors?

Mads Mikkleson. Viggo Mortensen is Danish! There's the guy that was in Thor - is he Danish? (Stellan Skarsgård is Swedish)

True or false - pickled herring is a much loved food in Denmark. (True)


Jo Linehan


Jo is a top fashion stylist and interiors fanatic who co-founded GAFF Interiors, a digital platform for interior lovers.

Speaking about the many prospects for her Danish collaboration, Jo said her mind has been in overdrive trying to figure out what's in store for her in Copenhagen.

"I would love to be paired with a visual artist, or even a tattoo artist because I love tattoos. But I honestly have no idea."

"I'm the only person in the group who has never been to Copenhagan.

"I've been meaning to go to Denmark for ages, I just feel like the whole lifestyle is totally up my alley. So I'm hoping we'll have plenty of time to go and explore.

So as the only Danish newbie of the group, has Jo been studying up for her trip?

What is the Danish currency? (Danish Kroner)

I know this! ... It'll come to me! ... I can't remember.

Can you name any Danish actors?

The guy who is in the Carlsberg ad...

Can you name any Danish musicians or bands?

Everyone I'm thinking of is Swedish! Is Robyn Danish?... (she's Swedish)

True or false - football is considered the national sport of Denmark. (True)


True or false - Denmark boasts 31 Michelin stars. (True)




Street artist Maser is no stranger to Denmark and the Danish way of living having visited the country many times.

As one of Ireland's leading contemporary urban artists, Maser frequently travels all over the world to showcase his talents - and Copenhagen is a city he is always happy to return to.

"There's an excitement a curiosity around it all, so it'll be good," he said.

"I have some very close friends in Copenhagen and have painted in the city a good few times. It's a place that is very reflective of my mindset.

"When I was offered to take part in the project I jumped at the chance because it just ticked a lot of boxes for me. I get to travel, which I love to do. I'll learn new experiences. I get to paint. It's a win/win."

So having been a regular visitor to Denmark, has Maser held on to any knowledge about the country?

What is the Danish currency? (Danish Kroner)

Oh God, I don't know! I know it's not Euro...

Can you name any Danish actors?


Can you name any Danish musicians or bands?

Lars (Ulrich) from Metallica. That's it, that's all I know - but I'll have more names for you when I get back from Copenhagen.

Besides Denmark, can you name any more Scandinavian countries?

Swedan. Would Norway be one? There's two - that's good!

True or false - pickled herring is a much loved food in Denmark. (True)

I'll say true, because they pickle loads of stuff over there.

Jo Linehan, Jay Boland, Maser, and Kevin Powell.

Ahead of Carlsberg's Danish Experiment, Meik Wiking, the best-selling author and founder of The Happiness Institute in Copenhagen has been explaining just what the four travellers will come to learn about the Danish way of life.

"They can hopefully expect an understanding of why Denmark always tops the ranks when it comes to the world happiness index and to get an insight into the Danish Way of life.

"It is about pleasurable moments and bringing together good people over good food, and enjoying life's simple pleasures.

"I want them to see an insight into the Danish way of life, but also an understanding of how alike we are. And I think that's one of the things in having this research - you look at all this global data and you realise that you might be Irish or Danish, or Spanish and so on - but first and foremost we are humans.

"We'll go out, have some pints, tells some jokes and we'll see how alike we are."

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