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The Danish Experiment: Coming together in Copenhagen

The four Irish creatives taking part in Carlsberg's Danish Experiment come together one last time to share what they have discovered during their visit to Copenhagen.

In the final episode of the exclusive web series, musician Jay Boland, food trail blazer Kevin Powell, fashion stylist Jo Linehan, and street artist Maser share their experiences of the city, as well as reflecting on what they have learned from their creative counterpart, and what the Danish way of life means to them now they have sampled the country through the eyes of a local.

The group sit down to a delicious meal prepared by Kevin and chef Marie Hertz, who have worked together to collect numerous locally-sourced ingredients - which are prepared using a big fire in Marie's back garden.

Speaking about his admiration of Marie, Kevin says: "She rocks down to the farm everyday, sees what she can use and just goes with it and makes her menus.

"And I now want to have a massive barbeque in front of my shop!"


"He's got a huge energy and knows a lot of things about Ireland," Marie says. "It's been so interesting.

"I haven't been to Ireland. I'm definitely going now."

In the previous episode of the Danish Experiment, Maser unveiled his art piece to the group and took some time to discuss the process of putting it together during their meal.

He was offered guidance on the Danish way of living by Happiness Institute CEO Meik Wiking, who tells him: "It's been really fun to see what you did and try to bring Copenhagen to life, or the Danish Way to life on a wall."


"It sort of ended up being in some way a response to our conversations," Maser replies: "Our little journey through the city and I was taking in everything that you were saying.

"But there was a lot! And I was deciding am I trying to take visuals from these spaces? Or am I trying to take in history? Am I trying to take in sustainability? The future?

"I took certain inspiration from certain things."


Elsewhere, Jo Linehan shared the images produced during a photoshoot with fashion photographer Polina Vinogradova.

She says: "I was expecting to work on something creative and I was hoping that I would learn something new, to maybe challenge myself and bring something new back to Dublin with my own work.

"I would say the Danish Way is super progressive and that's what I love here. Definitely in Copenhagen there's a very chill, cool, open-minded vibe and I love that."

And finally Jay Boland shares his completed audio-visual piece which he created with visual artist Bobby Anwar.

He explains: "When we got to Copenhagen we obviously had no idea what was coming. We had a lovely first night kinda wandering around the city and then I got to meet Bobby who is an absolute gent and the best counterpart I could have ended up with.


"It was just incredible to be able to spend that bit of time with you. I learned a lot from you in the last couple of days."

"It's been amazing meeting you and being a witness to that creation, that fuels my creativity too," says Bobby.

With a final toast to the Danish Way, Miek shares what he feels is the ultimate outcome of Carlsberg's Danish Experiement.

He tells the group: "What drives happiness in Copenhagen also drives happiness in Dublin. We are Irish and Danish but we're first and foremost humans."

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